Immigration & Refugee Board

1. Refugee Protection Division (RPD)

2. Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

3. Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

4. Immigration Division (ID)

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) is a division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) that deals with refugee claims inside Canada and at the port of entry of Canada. These claims are made by individuals inside Canada or upon entry at the airport or border.

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When a refugee claim is rejected by the RPD, in most cases, it can be appealed at the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). Filing an appeal at the RAD is time sensitive. A thorough analysis of the refugee case and the Reasons for Refusal is done, and the client is advised of the merits of filing an appeal at the RAD.

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Refusals of sponsorship applications (spousal and family class) and decisions against permanent residency status are appealed at the Immigration Appeals Division.

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Hearings of criminality, detention, inadmissibility and removal will be conducted at Immigration Division (ID). Detention reviews are also conducted at ID for persons being detained under the Immigration and Refugee protection Act.

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