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Every year Canada welcomes more and more students from all around the world. Canada welcomed 450,000 students in 2021.

Canada is one of the most popular destinations amongst students because of the high quality education system, job opportunities and increasing immigration policies to increase immigration. Canada has decided to welcome 460,000 immigrants each year, which is the highest level in its history.

You get world-class quality education while allowing you to save a lot of money compared to other Western countries. Canadian colleges offer a variety of courses for international students including short summer courses, diploma programs, Masters, PhDs and Graduate Degrees, certificate programs and much more. Most universities offer Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWP) which makes it very easy for students to immigrate to Canada after their studies.

Countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, UAE and Saudi Arabia and many other countries of the world lack quality educational resources and Canada fills that void.

We follow a step-by-step process to make it a seamless experience for our clients:

  1. Placement at the university best suited for you
  2. Advise on an estimate of timelines/ deadlines, eligibility, and requirements for your Canadian study permit
  3. We collect all other information pertaining your university application and acceptance to customize your visa process approach for 100% success
  4. We offer constant support and guidance till the end of the process i.e. until your visa acceptance

Our team will help you to find the right university depending on your academic goals by keeping you updated about the admission procedures, eligibility requirements and long term plans. This eliminates the possibilities of a rejection for your study permit. We will help you with all documentation for your visa application and assist you in every step of the way.

Apart from study permit, depending on the nature of the course and its duration, some foreign students may also apply for a visitor visa while some others may have to put an application forward for temporary residence.

Riasat Immigration Servicesanalyzes your case and works on all the meticulous details of your application to raise the possibilities of your student visa acceptance in Canada.

We offer multiple Student Visa packages where you can choose between Full Representation, Partial Representation or a DIY package to suit your needs.

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